Governance Resources

Several components should be considered to establish a  strategic perspective and governance in Diabetes. These can be defined based on their nature:

> The Health System
> Health Professionals
> Patients and Caretakers

It is also possile to analyze the contribution of different policy models/perspectives:

> Health-in-all policies

> Whole-of-government approach

> Health Inequities

> Social determinants of health

Within each of these components, a set of resources and instruments are proposed on websites and publications of leading international health-related organisations, such as who and the work of its Regional Offices, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the European Commission, the Council of Europe, the International Diabetes Federation, among others.

These documents are included in our research, as well as relevant scientific literature on these topics.

Business Intelligence and Big Data

The contribution of Business Intelligence in the governance of Diabetes corresponds to the need for a  big data revolution  in the health area.

There is no doubt that Business Intelligence and Big Data will play important roles in the future of Diabetes treatment, with the potential to positively impact all healthcare stakeholders, from patients, clinical teams, to leadership. Some examples are clinical care, funding operations and administration with a focus on improving care and reducing costs.

Thus, one of the objectives of this initiative is to collect and organize relevant resources and instruments that can help governance in Diabetes, and highlight its role in strengthening care for people with Diabetes. From this analysis, proposals and recommendations will be defined for the Portuguese context.