D-Way Initiative

Governance in Health

Governance is recognised  as a central function in health system structures. The  World Health Organization defines governance in the health sector as a wide number of functions related to the guidance and formulation of rules carried out at different levels (national, regional and local).

In general, definitions of “governance” are broad and challenged by the narrow distinction between the following related concepts: administration, leadership and  management.

Instruments and Resources for Governance in Diabetes

Can we add more information and knowledge about valid and useful tools and resources for improving Governance in Diabetes?

Best Practices

Best Practices in Diabetes are practices proven to be effective in improving the health or care of people living with Diabetes in real-life environments and that can be adopted in other communities/contexts.

Policy Brief

A policy brief is a concise and clear analysis of a specific issue or problem, which can help readers understand and deliberate about options and recommendations (policy dialogues) for health policies and programs.


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