Policy Brief

What is a Policy brief?

A policy brief can provide objective summaries of relevant investigations, some recommendations on the best options, and may argue in favor of a course of action.

These documents are effective tools for achieving, informing and influencing policies and decisions and others interested in formulating or influencing policies, but may also target a non-specialized audience.

A policy brief is always written for a purpose, which includes informing, providing analysis of an issue, and defending a position and political action. In addition, it can be used as a means to raise awareness of a problem with the aim of including it on the government’s agenda or policy agenda.

What should be included?

The World Health Organization recommends that policybriefs should start with describing the problem and then outline the best available evidence to clarify the magnitude and nature of the problem,describethe likely impacts of key options for addressing the problem, include considerations on potential barriers to implementing options, and ultimately strategies for addressing these barriers.