Seminar Agenda

Strengthening the Governance for Diabetes in Health Systems: approaches and perspectives

| July 1, 2021

5.30 pm | Opening and launch: D-Way Iniciative | Maria de Belém, António Vaz Carneiro (ISBE)

5.38 pm | Presentation #1: Bringing resources and tool for strengthening Governance in Diabetes in Portugal | Elisa Marques (ISBE), Paulo Nicola (ISBE)

5.53 pm | Presentation #2: Governance in Diabetes: lessons from JA CHRODIS and JA CHRODIS PLUS | Jelka Zaletel (National Institute of Public Health, Slovenia; CHRODIS PLUS executive board member)

6.08 pm | Presentation #3: Governance for Diabetes in Portugal: perspectives from the Directorate-General of Health/National Program for Diabetes |Sónia do Vale (Director of the Nacional Program for Diabetes – DGS)

6.23 pm | Open Discussion

6.43 pm | Closing remarks | António Vaz Carneiro (ISBE)